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Kuwait 4 Kenya Volunteers – 20 January 2014

Exciting times at Destiny Garden School as they play host to 10 volunteers from Kuwait for 10 school days. The volunteers are here to help the school’s development and hope to have a lasting impression on the children through the educational programs they intend to run.

The volunteers found their way to Kenya after they signed up at LOYAC. LOYAC (www.loyac.org) a volunteer  organization from Kuwait which then established the K4K Project in 2006 with an  aim to help Kenyans help themselves with a focus on women and youth. K4K
(Kuwait for Kenya) works closely with disadvantaged communities to establish  sustainable projects that contribute to alleviate poverty and give the people  access to basic life and health services. K4K partners with Foundation for  Sustainable Development (FSD) to facilitate the trips and supervise the projects