Agenda for the Children at DGS

Child with book

Destiny Garden School needs more funds to:

  • provide better quality food at lunchtimes with meat and fruit
  • provide the children with a nutritious breakfast
  • equip the new dining hall with tables and benches
  • provide more stationery and bring the ratio of text books to 1:1
  • buy more educational equipment such as computers, kindles, as well as toys for the nursery classes
  • provide the children with new uniforms each year
  • improve the classrooms e.g. repaint them, tile the floors, install fans and lighting, provide shutters for the windows
  • provide further sports equipment and build a suitable pitch for Basketball, Volleyball,  Netball and Tennis
  • establish an irrigation system to water the  garden which has now been established in the school grounds.  The garden grows both fruit and vegetables to help feed the children ensuring they have fresh food

In the longer term Destiny Garden School would like to:

  • provide better health care for the children e.g. employ a nurse to visit the school once a year to give all the children a full health check, as well as testing eyesight
  • build a new toilet block with better facilities
  • purchase a minibus to take the children on educational trips
  • purchase land for a larger farming project so the school can become more self sufficient
  • educate children up to the age of 19.  Only about 20% if the children in the area go to high school and we would like to construct a Destiny Garden High School
  • provide a homely and comfortable place for the orphans,  near the school premises
Classes outside

Classes outside