World Support

Jackie PriceJackie Price, Australia

Destiny Garden School opened in April 2009 and Jackie, who lives in Australia, joined the School project in May for 6 months. Jackie has helped get the school up and running and bought much needed equipment such as desks, chairs and blackboards for the classrooms, text books and stationery, school uniforms for the children.  She helped Jacob set up the Volunteer and Sponsorship programmes, and put in place accounting procedures, teaching Masikah bookkeeping. Jacky continues her support for the school with fund raising events and she sponsors several children.

Children with text booksThe Darwin Famous Five from Australia

The Darwin Famous Five from Australia held a Wine Tasting event on 10 June 2009 and raised funds to help build a toilet block for the school, together with a toilet for the volunteers and one for the teachers. They are now known as the “Darwin Dunny Donors”  aka –

  • Diana Jarvis
  • Michele Hogan
  • Penni Tastula
  • Rosemary Cambell
  • Sharon Wilson

The Darwin Famous Five raised funds to buy text books and some more desks and chairs.

Toilet block New toilet

UK Support for Destiny Garden School

Destiny ChildrenDestiny Garden School supported by the UK Charity’ Destiny Children’.  This is a registered charity no: 1137680 whose objective is: “The advancement of the education and wellbeing of disadvantaged children in Kenya, particularly but not exclusively those at Destiny Garden School, Mombasa” Initially, to carry out this objective, ’Destiny Children’ are aiming to get all the children sponsored, and at £10 per month this will fully cover the running costs of the school. To learn more about the sponsor programme please see ’Sponsor a Child’. If  you would like to help educate a child at Destiny Garden School, please contact Judy Roper, the UK Sponsor Co-ordinator via mail: For more details about Destiny Children please visit their website:

Amy with DGS Children

Amy with DGS Children

Amy and Mark – UK

Amy and Mark visited Destiny Garden School, taking with them much needed supplies, and knew they wanted to continue their support.

On their return to the UK they have arranged fund raising events, including a collection of filled shoe boxes for all the DGS children. They sponsor children and have inspired others to sponsor, which has been a great help to DGS’s running costs.

Read Amy and Marks full report and see the difference they made and will continue to make –  Amy’s full report

Matt with DGS Children

Matt with DGS Children

Matt McGuinness – UK   

Matt visited Destiny Garden School; he raised funds before his trip to go towards new desks and collected many different football shirts from friends and family.

On his return to the UK he has continued his efforts to raise funds for the school. He sponsors a child and has encouraged others to sponsor, which has been a great help to DGS’s running costs.


A Broader View

A Broader View Volunteers is a non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania. With a love for humankind, and a motivated spirit to help others, A Broader View was created in the belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others. Please visit their website for more details –

Sarah and Oliver Ehlers

Sarah and Oliver Ehlers

Sarah and Oliver Ehlers, Founders and Directors of ABV, work in partnership with Jacob at Destiny Garden School and have arranged for several volunteers to work at the School since it opened in 2009. The payments that ABV receive from volunteers are used not only to cover their meals and accommodation, but also to provide donations directly to the program.

In 2009, with the news coming out of Kenya about drought and poverty, ABV Volunteers made a $2000 donation to Destiny Garden School to help them purchase farming and irrigation equipment with the aim to continue sustaining the feeding program of 180 children in the School – see page on ABV website for more details.

Last Christmases ABV sent funds over to Jacob so that he could provide each of the children with a gift and a special Christmas meal. They also gave all the teachers and Jacob a Christmas bonus, which was a wonderful, unexpected surprise for them.

Kate Bergantino with two of the DGS children

Kate Bergantino with two of the DGS children

Kate Bergantino, USA

Kate Bergantino, a teacher from the USA, volunteered at Destiny Garden School. Since her return from Mombasa to the USA she has held several fund raising events to help DGS with much needed school equipment. As a keen supporter of DGS, Kate sponsors two children, which helps cover the school’s on-going running costs.

Regina from Germany

Regina is shortly visiting DGS for a second time. After her first visit, when she did voluntary work for a few weeks, she returned to Germany determined to continue her support for the School. She sponsors 2 children and has encouraged others to sponsor, which has been a great help to DGS’s running costs. Photo to follow!