Volunteer Alana works at DGS – 20th March 2016

Alana and her friends Vanessa and Meredith, from Colorado, USA, enjoyed doing some voluntary work at Destiny Garden School. Alana says:

“We had an amazing time getting to volunteer and learn more about the school, and were extremely welcomed by Boaz, Jacob, and his family and everyone at the school. I was impressed with all Jacob has  put into the creation of Destiny Garden School and how huge a difference this is making for so many children. I was so touched by the love, care, authenticity, intention, and creation of this school benefiting so many children in an impoverished area, and how talented each teacher is in what they have to offer their students.  Words are not enough to describe how grateful I am for my time with Destiny Garden School, the impact the experience has had on me, and my desire to stay connected with DGS”

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