Visitors, visitors!

During Term 2 DGS had a number of very welcome visitors.

Guillermo and Marta visited DGS in May and spent some quality time with our students.  Guillermo is one of Allies & Morrison’s architects who helped with the construction of the new Library/Dining Shelter. Their visit was particulalry valuable to our upper primary, where they shared ideas and understanding on different topics.  Marta, a Pharmacist, gave a fascianting and informative talk on drug and substance abuse.

Another visitor was Lea, from Munich, Germany, who volunteered at DGS for three months starting in May. She assisted in classrooms, in the office and during the Games break in the evenings.  The students greatly enjoyed her company during her stay.  DGS was delighted that Lea was able to stay and particpate in so many school activities;  her help was greatly appreciated.

Nick, one of the Destiny Children Charity Trustees, together with Helen, his wif, and their
two Daughters, Polly and Maddy, visited DGS in the last week of Term Two. They did
various activities with the children, including helping them to completing their ‘Dear Sponsor’ letters and conducting an Art Class.

Finally, DGS also has a visit from Kate, a teacher in the UK, and Sam, in August. They spent time with students from various classes and had lots of fun with the children. The children in Nursery school were delighted to receive some artwork made by the pupils at Kate’s school in the UK.