DGS, Bridge of Hope and Mtongwe Primary debate – 19 November 2013

The Great Debaters – 19 November 2013

Destiny Garden School invited the neighbouring schools – ‘The Bridge of Hope’ and ‘Mtongwe Primary’ for a joint debating session. This was held at DGS’s newly built hall and the debate was ‘Which is better Knowledge or Wealth?’

The event began at 11am until 2pm and after a vigorous back and forth exchange of ideas the team in support of knowledge were declared the winners. The pupils then had a special lunch of Chicken pilau sponsored by Mr Mohamood Noor who had previously visited DGS back in September and is the Mombasa Senators personal Adviser.

The schools then assembled 2 teams to play a football match much to the delight of the schools teachers who were present. This was a truly wonderful experience for the school and we hope to have more educational functions in future at our door step.

Report by Victor, DGS School Manager.