Teacher Training updates

The Kenyan educational system is undergoing a major change.  In January DGS teachers attended a training session on the new Kenyan education curriculum.  As with any change, there are many challenges for the school.  DGS is fortunate in being able to offer relevant expertise and training to our teaching staff.  They will undergo several training sessions to ensure they are fully up to date with the new Education regulations.

In April, AMURT through WWW trained five teachers: Jeremiah, Beth, Jessica, Catherine and Nicodemus. The training focused on Girls’ education challenges. Teachers were trained on a variety of approaches to teaching numeracy and literacy skills to appeal to the pupils and improve their progress.   At DGS, staff/ teachers’ training is a priority in order to provide our pupils with the best possible educational experience.  We now plan to have all staff members included in a Team Building expedition to enhance teamwork.