Steven and Heather Arrowsmith School visit – 12 March 2014

Keen sponsors of DGS, Steven and Heather Arrowsmith,from Blackpool, England were our proud guests on the 12th March. This was their first visit to the school and we were more than happy to show them the developments that have taken place in the school since its inception.

They were taken around the school by Jacob the school director and also the head teacher. They then met the staff, had a brief chat with class 7 pupils regarding the careers they have at Blackpool and encouraged the pupils to aim high in their career choices.

The Arrowsmiths had also carried with them wall charts, pencils, crayons, a football, pocket notebooks, Blackpool postcards and lollipops. The lollipops were distributed to all pupils at the school. At Lunch time, Steve and Heather ate Kenya’s staple food Ugali and with some beans which they said was lovely. They later in the afternoon had to unfortunately bid us Farewell. We were delighted to host them at our school.