Staff training and news …

During the Summer term, Teaching Staff participated in a number of training sessions to ensure their skills and knowledge are all up to date. DGS is keen to ensure that staff are supported by appropriate training to deliver the best possible educatuon to our students. This term’s training focused on building the skills needed to deliver the
new curriculum.

In other news, we were delighted to receive a new camera in the month of May, funded by a UK supporter.  It is one of the latest models (Canon 800D) built with a 24 mega pixel sensor.  The Camera will enable us to continue to provide top quality images for our school reports and sponsor updates.

The school office now has an assistant manager, Maricela Chao. She received a new laptop to assist her in her work. DGS is grateful for the Laptop which was donated by one of its sponsors. DGS is growing fast in the ‘Digital World’ and it is only a matter of time before our staff and students are all fully incorporated.