Special Parents Meeting at DGS

Special Parents Meeting at DGS – 5th October 2013

Destiny Garden School held an extra special parents/guardians meeting; extra special as the parents who attended were beneficiaries of a free lunch that was courtesy of Mohammed Noor the personal advisor to the Mombasa Senator Mr Hassan Omar Sarai.  The event started with lunch where the parents were served Pilau, which is a popular coastal meal of rice with spices, roast goat, fish and ugali much to their delight.

The chief guests and speakers were Mr Mohammed Noor, Amina Bakari, a Paralegal and coordinator of human rights,  Husna, an engineer by profession.

Husna inspired the parents/guardians to realize that despite the hardships they may face, their children could still succeed in life. She emphasised the importance of education  and outlined how she had been successful in a career in engineering even though she too was raised in an environment not that different from the children at DGS.

Amina Bakari also stressed that parents/guardians should ensure that they give their children’s education first priority. She covered many topics including children being neat and tidy when they come to school, communicating with the class teacher regularly, effective ways to discipline children. Amina reminded them that DGS is not like other schools where students pay fees and therefore parents should not take education lightly.

Mohammed Noor was next on stage and expressed his dismay at the standards of education within the coast region. Parents, he urged, have to play their role. When the children do well in school, there will always be people ready to assist them to go further in life. He apologised for the absence of the Mombasa senator.

Jacob Boaz, the School Director, wanted parents and guardians to understand that the school sponsors where not super rich but ordinary folks who were making sacrifices so that the children at DGS could study. He spoke about the sustainable agriculture projects he hopes the school will begin and how it would shape the school. He thanked the parents for attending and hoped to have more such forums with the parents in future.

For more photos please see this link – special parents/guardians meeting, 5 Oct 2013

Report by Victor, DGS School Manager.