Simon and Michelle filming

Simon and Michelle visit DGS

Simon and Michelle, both keen supporters of Destiny Garden School, visited the school in August 2012 and filmed the children and staff. Simon operated the camera whilst Michelle interviewed Jacob, the School Director.

Simon says: “I have nothing but admiration for what Destiny Garden School has set out to achieve for its future, and I was extremely privileged to have been able to visit the school and see first-hand the developments (and problems) that the school encounters on a daily basis. There is so much more work to be done but so much has been done already, and the evidence is right there to see.
What was also incredible was to encounter the spirit of the school which you can’t feel from looking at a DGS report, so I would encourage those people that would like to go who either sponsor or support the school financially (or other) to discover the brilliant things that go on there.”

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