Shannon Matteson

Shannon Matteson – USA

Shannon, from the U.S.A, is a college graduate with a degree in elementary education. She did voluntary work at Destiny Gardens School during the summer of 2009.
Shannon says – “I had an incredible experience in Kenya this summer. For two months, I taught class 1 at Destiny Gardens School. It was challenging due to the lack of supplies and the fact that English is the children’s second language. However, being able to spend time with the kids every day and getting to know them made it all worth it.

The children are so energetic, playful, lovable and eager to learn. We started each morning by greeting one another, and answering the question of the day. Then we would play a quick game or dance before starting on academics each day. I can’t describe how much I miss them and how much I can’t wait to get back to Mtongwe to see them again. 

During my stay I lived with Jacob, his wife and other volunteers in Mombasa. Our apartment was really nice and was located close to restaurants and internet cafes. On weekends, we travelled around exploring Kenya. We went on safari together, to beaches, Nairobi, a Maasai village and many other places. Overall, it was an amazing adventure and would recommend anyone to go and experience it for themselves.”