SACCO Society Training Day with DGS Staff

SACCO Society Training Day with DGS Staff – 2nd August 2013

This was a memorable day for the Staff of Destiny Garden as the ‘hunter became the hunted’. This was because the staff who are known to teach at the school were on the receiving end as they played host to Kingdom SACCO Society limited Kingdom Sacco is a community-based savings and credit society whose aim is to empower communities by promoting a savings and investment culture while providing affordable credit.

The SACCO came to teach us about its products and offer membership to our staff who like most people find reasonable credit facilities hard to come by as banks often offer very high back breaking rates which makes it unaffordable. They also most importantly came to remind us on the best ways to save money, a culture which many have yet to come to grips in Africa.

They began at 11.30am and went on until 5pm in the evening. This also gave the chance for the older children to guide the young ones while the teachers were learning. The children had completed their examinations on Wednesday and thus were doing revision or reading story books with their peers. The products they were offering were very convincing that eventually many of the teachers simply had to sign up at the end including yours truly.

Victor Ongola, DGS School Manager