Roy Visits DGS

Roy Major Visits DGS – 14th May 2013

Roy Major, sponsor and supporter of Destiny Garden School, visited the school whilst holidaying in Mombasa.  One of his main aims was to look at the water situation at the school and to give his expert advice.

Victor, the school manager, said:

“Roy Major made his long awaited visit to our school and was quick to get to work where he got to know, the water situation around the school, accessing the underground water tank, water system in the washrooms, the kitchen and also kindergarten. Amazingly he never sat down for a single minute for almost 3 hours after he arrived. He got to meet, the staff, students and also our local plumber, Peter. 

He and the plumber got to work as they did the measurements of the area and what he expects to be required. He decided that piped water was the way forward for DGS.  All in all, it was a good day as we made more progress at DGS thanks to Mr Roy Major, who has proved to be a charming and caring person.”

Roy took the opportunity to meet the students of DGS and visit some of the classrooms.  He even gave an impromptu speech at the school assembly!