Regina and Bernd with DGS children

Regina and Bernd’s last day at DGS – 15th March 2013

Regina Schack and her good friend Bernd Zwatschek visited the school on the 25th of February 2013. Regina and Bernd who are on their third visit to the school hold a special place in our hearts as they have always come to the aid of the school whenever they have been called upon. They both sponsor children thus providing a regular income to DGS.

Last year Regina and Bernd raised funds for the construction of a modern kitchen unit for the school;  the old one was not deemed fit for food preparation by the local authorities. This year they have raised further funds to help complete the building of Classrooms 7 and 8.  This has been a great help in the development of the school.

Tuesday March 15th  was Regina and Bernd final day at Destiny Garden School. They sponsored a special lunch as a gift to the children; the  lunch consisted of Meat, a banana and Ugali.  Regina gave away woollen socks knitted by her grandmother to the top performing students during the Mid-term exams from class 1, Kg3 and Kg 2.