News 2019

Market Clean Up

Grade 3 pupils took part in a market clean up exercise. The community…
August 10, 2019/by Boaz Muoga

DGS Students in Joint Assessment

One of our local partners set up a joint assessment between different…
August 5, 2019/by Boaz Muoga

2019 Year 8 – Final Exams Preparation

The final year class of this year are making strong preparations…
August 3, 2019/by Boaz Muoga

The Scouts’ Club

The Scouts’ Club is responsible for conducting the start of…
August 2, 2019/by Boaz Muoga

Mathematical Sets Donation

Class 8 students each received a mathematical set to assist…
August 1, 2019/by Boaz Muoga

Electric Fans Now in Classrooms

Thanks to a generous donation from one of our sponsors electric…
August 1, 2019/by Boaz Muoga

Play Time Break

Pupils have one short break in between the morning classes. They…
July 29, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Vision 2027: Women's Football World Cup

Ball Games – Term Two 2019

The activity fees funded by the Destiny Children Charity went…
July 1, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Vanessa, Meredith and Alana

Colorado Fundraising Bingo Event

The DGS lunch programme has received a very big boost. Our friends…
May 10, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Getting ready to cook

Lunch at DGS – Preparing to Cleaning up

Welcome to Destiny Garden's lunch program. Our aim is to provide…
April 30, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Hard work pays

Term One 2019 Mid-Term Examinations

The first wave of examinations is here. All students sat for…
February 22, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Yummy food

Lunch Break in DGS

Students always look forward to the DGS lunch break. All children…
February 12, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Finishing the Race

Term One 2019 – Games Preparations

Destiny Garden School children are warming up to participate…
January 31, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Learning English sounds

Grade One Learning “Sounds” in English Class

Grade One students  are advancing their English language skills.…
January 24, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
"Counting Dance"

Welcoming the Day Care Class 2019

The Day Care class is receiving new admissions, the school having…
January 12, 2019/by Boaz Muoga
Glad to be back!

Back to School – January 2019

It is January 2019 and students have reported back to school…
January 12, 2019/by Boaz Muoga