News 2016


Class 8 Sit Their Final Primary Examinations – November 2016

After a long year of preparation, Class 8 of 2016 finally sat their final…
November 10, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Fly Without Wings

Domino’s Pizza for DGS’s Top Performers – November 2016

DGS pupils who performed well were taken to Domino’s for a…
November 7, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
We rejoice crossing over

KG3’s Graduation and DGS’s Closing Day Celebrations – October 2016

It was a day of great joy and expectation as Kindergarten Class 3…
November 3, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Back to Destiny

Regina Shack and Bernd Visit DGS – October 2016

It was a great joy when Regina and Bernd paid a visit to Destiny Garden School this…
October 25, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Happy Birthday Belinda

Class Five Receive a Special Treat – October 2016

It was a great surprise and a special moment for the Class Five…
October 25, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Fun Time

Relaxing After the Final Term Three 2016 Exams – 24th October 2016

After the October exams and to mark the end of the academic…
October 24, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
New Sinks

DGS Cleanliness and Sanitation Project Gets a Boost – September 2016

This project was guided by Brenda Ongola, one of DGS Directors,…
September 6, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Happy Holidays from Mombasa Rotary Club

Mombasa Rotary Club Visit to DGS – September 2016

A group of seven from Rotary Club of Mombasa visited Destiny Garden School during…
September 5, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Team Kenya at the Opening Ceremony, Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio

Kenya at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio – August 2016

The whole country was delighted with the Kenyan team performance…
August 31, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Year 8 students working towards KCPE

Year 8 study in their holidays – August 2016

Whilst the rest of the Destiny Garden School are on holiday our…
August 16, 2016/by Judy R
Keeping up the concentration

End of Term Exams – August 2016

End of Term Two 2016 is here! The children at DGS sat their end…
August 12, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Gifts and a treat for Class 5

Special treat for Class 5 – 9 August 2016

Alan’s sponsors, Michael and Rosemary, bought a special end…
August 9, 2016/by Judy R
DCC Trustee Judy Roper

A visit from DCC Trustee – July 2016

Judy Roper, Trustee and founder of the UK Destiny Children Charity,…
July 16, 2016/by Judy R
Teacher Christine learning the recorder

Students learn to play the recorder – 24 June 2016

Mitchel’s sponsor Patrick, a UK music teacher, donated 9 recorders…
June 24, 2016/by Judy R
The Joy of Sharing at DGS

Volunteer Beth Gracely at DGS – June 2016

DGS welcomed Beth Gracely to Destiny Garden School. During her…
June 14, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
The sky is the limit!

Cake and Fruit Gift – 6th June 2016

The entire Destiny Garden School family received a generous gift…
June 10, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Health and safety first

First Aid Kits – 25th May 2016

The First Aid Team has received new First Aid kits. This has…
May 25, 2016/by Boaz Muoga

Athletics and Track Events at Destiny Garden – 20th May 2016

Many Destiny Garden School pupils attended the first Sports outing…
May 20, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Mr Benard the Carpenter

Carpenter Makes Desks for DGS – 29th April 2016

During the school holidays the local carpenter, Mr Bernard, has…
May 2, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Game Time

Sports at Destiny Garden School – 17th April 2016

Every year during Term One sessions, the extra-curriculum activities…
April 21, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Swahili count

Alana, Vanessa and Meredith volunteer at DGS – 20th March 2016

DGS welcomed Alana, Vanessa and Meredith to Destiny Garden School.…
March 30, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Thank you!

Power to Write – 11th February

Destiny Garden School received a massive donation from the Destiny…
March 30, 2016/by Boaz Muoga
Embracing connection

Dear Pen Pal – 6th February 2016

DGS students Monica and her classmates in class 1, and Mwinyi…
February 16, 2016/by Judy R
More space

New Desks – 5th February 2016

Gifts that make a difference is an ingenious scheme run by Destiny…
February 16, 2016/by Judy R
A special lunch

From Hong Kong with Love – 6th February 2016

Destiny Garden school pupils have for many years been recipients…
February 6, 2016/by Judy R
The new cooking pot

Cooking pots – 4th February 2016

As the population of our school has continued to grow, so has…
February 6, 2016/by Judy R
Lights illuminating the main gate

Securing our Destiny – 14th January 2016

Security lights often act as a deterrent and corrective measure…
February 6, 2016/by Judy R
New fire extinguisher in the office

Safety first: DGS receives brand new fire extinguishers – 11th January 2016

Fire related accidents have been known to cause devastating injuries…
February 6, 2016/by Judy R