New Dining Shelter for DGS children

The beginning of 2018 saw the completion of further major developments at DGS reflecting the tremendous progress made in the previous four months.  The most exciting change for the children was the completion of the Dining Shelter and Library. The classrooms also completed major renovations.  DGS continues growing from strength to strength thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors.

With the completion of the Dining shelter and provision of benches and tables, the children can now sit comfortably to eat their lunches, out of the sun and rain.

A very exciting event was the special meal served to celebrate the opening of the Dining shelter!  In January, DGS was treated to a special meal, to mark the building of the new Dining Shelter. Donations from sponsors Simon and Matt provided a rare fish meal and fruit. This was a great celebration to launch the Dining Shelter. A number of parents were present to share the joy of the occasion.