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Christmas Single - December 2010

Christmas single

The Christmas single, 'I'm thinking of you this Christmas', was composed by Alison Lea and sung by Kings Junior School in the UK. The song was dedicated to the children at Destiny Garden School and raised much needed funds for the school.

The video can be seen on this link -

video on YouTube


Christmas 2010 at Destiny Garden School

ABV, the USA Volunteer Agency that supports Jacob (see ’World Support’ for more details) , very kindly sent $1000 to DGS to give the Children and Staff at  DGS a special Christmas.  This bought them all some wheat flour and cooking oil whcih they were able to take home for a Christmas feast!. 

Description: ABV’s donation bought flour and cooking oil for the staff and children at DGS Description: ABV’s donation bought flour and cooking oil for the staff and children at DGS

The Children and Staff  also all had a special Christmas lunch at the school which included meat and beans and fruit!

Jane Visits DGS with some Christmas Presents - Dec 2010

DGS Children with Party Bags

Jane Ainsley gave a ’party’ bag to each of the children at Destiny Garden School. The  ‘party’ bags included balls, pens, pencils, small toys and a small bag of sweets.   These gifts were donated and made up by pupils Westende Junior School in the UK, which Jane’s children attend. 

Jane  is a keen supporter and sponsor of DGS and has visited the School on several occasions.



A new arrival at Destiny Garden School!

Description: Baraka, the new born goat


DGS had a new member join them in December - a  kid goat named Baraka, which means blessings!!







Graduation Day -  3rd  December 2010

Description: Graduation Day 2010

On Friday 3rd December, parents, guardians, teachers, local dignitaries and Jane, a keen supporter of DGS from the UK,  joined Destiny Garden School to celebrate the graduation of Kindergarten Class 3.

The KG3 Children have all been promoted to Primary Class 1, and will be starting on 4th January 2011.

Matt Visits DGS - 3 November 2010   

Matt with DGS ChildrenMatt Mcguinness visited Destiny Garden School on 3rd November 2010.  He raised funds before his trip to go towards new desks, which were made by our local carpenter.  He also collected many different football shirts from friends and family, and there was great excitement amongst the DGS children when he delivered them.

Matt says "It was good to see the desks being made, and to know that ALL the money raised goes to the school, and isn’t swallowed up in admin etc."

 "I am used to poverty, having been well traveled in the past, but I was still shocked at just how little these children have ....... and to anyone who reads this and is thinking about helping out … please, please go for it."
For Matt’s full report please see this link - Matt's Report

Pencil Cases Delivered to DGS - 19 October 2010

The Pencil Cases Arrive in MombasaKings School Junior Division in the UK helped the supporters of the UK charity 'Destiny Children' to fill a pencil case for each of the DGS children, together with a resources box for the DGS teaching staff. Pencil Case Project


There was great excitement amongst both the children and staff when the pencil cases were delivered to Destiny Garden School.

Jacob said  “ the children and teachers were  full of joy and the school has been blessed by your efforts; we received items beyond our expectations and it brought a ray of hope to the teachers’. 

Kenyan  Musical Festival Competition - June to August 2010

After successfully competing in the District, Regional and Provisional competitions, 2 choirs from Destiny Garden School qualified for the Nationals of the Kenyan  Musical Festival Competition 2010. These were held in Kakamega, Western Kenya, about 14 hours drive away from Mombasa, in August 2010.

DGS Chiors in Kanyan Music Festival

The choirs came 6th and 7th, a remarkable achievement for a small school in a poor suburb of Mombasa, who had only formed the choirs in March 2010. Also a huge opportunity for the DGS children, many of whom have never traveled away from their villages before.

The costs for the two choirs to compete in the Nationals, was very generously met by the Martyn Donaldson Music Trust, MDMT.    The children benefited tremendously from the experience and we hope they will have the opportunity to enter again next year!

Volunteer Sydney Long from USA works at DGS - March to June 2010


Sydney from the USA worked at Destiny Garden School for four months from March to June 2010.   Sydney said " My experience in Destiny Garden School has been unforgettable and has been one of the best experiences of my life. "

See her full review






Val and Nadine Volunteer at DGS - Easter 2010

Val with DGS Choir

Val Lear, Trustee of the UK charity 'Destiny Children' and her daughter Nadine worked at Destiny Garden School for three weeks over the Easter break.   


Val, pictured left with the school choir, bought the  choir’s uniform and helped them practice for the George family’s visit. For her report of this visit please see this link - the George Family's Visit to DGS

Nadine teachinbg Baby Class parachute games




Nadine, pictured on the left, is teaching the baby class how to play parachute games.  She donated the parachute to the school.

Val said "We had made many friends in and out of the school environment and we even managed to see some of the countryside and explored Mombasa. My overall impression of DGS is that it is a school of smiles but also a school of hard work. It deserves to do well".

For Val’s full account of her time at Destiny Garden School and photos please see her report - Val's visit to DGS

The George Family Visit the School - 8th April 2010

Dr and Mrs George, their daughters Chloe and Cassidy, and their Grandparents, all from the USA, visited Destiny Garden School to open the new Nursery building that they have most generously funded.

Dr George's Visit Dr George's Visi

A concert was performed by the DGS children and great celebrations took place for the grand opening of the new Nursery. The red ribbon was cut and a plaque unveiled, which read " Nursery Section Building Kindly Sponsored By The Chloe and Cassidy George Foundation, U.S.A. 08/04/2010"

The Georges brought with them gifts for all the children, together with some educational nd medical supplies. The photo below shows the family distributing some of these to the children. Full report - the George Family's Visit to DGS

Dr George's Visit Dr George's Visit










Letters to Children at DGS - April 2010 Letters from DGS

During March/April 2010,  Children at Kings School Junior Division, Macclesfield wrote letters to the children at Destiny Garden School.  Val, Committee Secretary, and her daughter, who did voluntary work at the school during the Easter period, supervised the replies to these letters.



Guy Visits Destiny Garden School – Christmas and New Year 2010 
     Guy Volunteering at DGS

Guy Tolhurst, a keen supporter of DGS, escaped cold and snowy UK and spent it in Mombasa working at Destiny Garden School and having, in his words,  ‘the most rewarding time of his life.’

Guy brought with him Christmas presents of Magic Slates for each of the 180 children and also provided the school with a goat, which gave them a delicious and nutritious Christmas dinner.

After the Christmas celebrations and during the school break,  the school became a holiday camp.  Guy therefore had plenty of playtime with the children, teaching them many different games.  Two football matches were organised against other schools, the second one being won by Destiny Garden School! 

See Guy's full report                           


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