Report by Volunteer Janette Hodgkinson

I worked as a volunteer at Destiny Garden school for 8 weeks from the beginning of January until end February 2013. I chose to volunteer at Destiny after reading about the school on their website and being really impressed with the vision and how the school had progressed in such a short time. I am not a teacher but that didn’t seem to matter. However, I had no idea what I would do or could do to support the school.Volunteer Janette Hodgkinson

My first day at the school was a very busy day for the teachers and office staff as it was the first day of the new school year. There were lots of parents waiting patiently who wanted their children to join the school which is testimony to the good reputation the school has.

Whilst the staff were getting organised, I was able to spend a few days familiarising myself with my new surroundings and getting to know the children a little. The children are beautiful and were very intrigued to see another new face at the school. They had seen many volunteers before I arrived so were quite used to new faces and not afraid of speaking to me.

I also spent a little time observing lessons (particularly English)and felt that this was an area that I could help with. I therefore became Madam Mitzy’s ‘support teacher’ for classes 2, 3 and 5 for English lessons. I absolutely loved helping to teach English to these classes and became very close to the children and to Madam Mitzy. I was even allowed to take a few classes on my own!


Whilst I was here, I found some jigsaws in the office which had never been used, ranging from small 6, 9 and 12 pieces to 1000 pieces. I thought I would show these initially to class 7 and gave them a 63 piece jigsaw to do. I cannot tell you how excited they were when they had completed this. By the time I left, classes 6 and 7 were doing 500 piece puzzles and all the other classes and the teachers were also keen to do them. These proved to be so popular that a ‘puzzle timetable’ had to be put together because there were not enough puzzles for everyone to have them at the same time. Sadly the 1000 piece puzzle proved a little too difficult but I will be helping with this one when I return.Janette's photo



The school also had many books that had been donated and when I wasn’t helping with English classes I was able to spend time getting these into some sort of order so that the children can borrow a book to read during their library period or borrow a book to take home.

My ‘home’ for the time I was in Mombasa was with Jacob (the school founder and director), his wife Brenda and their two beautiful children. I was truly part of their family and had a wonderful time staying with them. I was almost converted to eating  ugali!

Before I knew it my 8 weeks was over and it was time to go home. On my last day the children sang a song which included the words  ‘we will never, never forget you’. I will never, never forget them

I can’t wait to go back.

Janette Hodgkinson

Janette's Photos

Janette's photo

Janette's photo of DGS Children

Janette's photo

Janette's photo

Volunteer Janette Hodgkinson

Following the admission of new students into the Kindergarten classes, Janette decided to donate 25 new chairs to the school

Volunteer Janette Hodgkinson

Janette buys the teachers blackboard dusters and chalk for class 1  to class 7

Volunteer Janette Hodgkinson

Janette buys eight brand new sweeping brooms for DGS



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