Volunteer Kathy who has worked at the school on a number of occasions.

Kathy James – UK

“I went to Mombasa as part of my nurse training to work in a local clinic for a month, June 2009. By a chance meeting I met Jackie, a volunteer and Jacob and from them I heard a lot about the school. On my day off I visited the school and really enjoyed spending time with the children.

Even during my short time in Mombasa, the school progressed every time I visited, from desks and chairs bought to school uniforms being issued. The kids were all very polite, and really enjoyed my visits.

Although I did not stay with Jacob, I have seen the accommodation and it is lovely. I have also spent time with Brenda, his wife, who is a very kind lady. I would recommend visiting Destiny Garden School and I am going to continue to raise funds for them. I will certainly be visiting them again.”