Volunteer Guy Tolhurst - January 2010

Guy Tolhurst – UK

Guy, a businessman from London, undertook voluntary work at Destiny Garden School in December/January 2009-2010 and was there over the Christmas and New Year period.

Guy says – “My time at Destiny Garden School can be described as the most rewarding experience of my life. Jacob and Brenda welcomed me into their home in Mombasa with open arms and nothing was too much trouble, from there it was easy to get to the school every day and travel around at weekends.

The kids were just fantastic, they all look out for each other and the sense of community and pride in the face of such adversity is a testament to the passion and support bestowed on the school from Jacob, the teachers and other supporters from around the world.

I miss all their always smiling little faces, can’t wait to go back but overall I am pleased I have found such a worthy cause to support where ALL of the donations help the children directly. A little help goes a very long way.”

For more details of his visit, see Guys full report