From Hong Kong with Love – 6th February 2016

Destiny Garden school pupils have for many years been recipients of special lunches from across the world courtesy of many generous and kind sponsors. But never did we imagine that our school would attract investment as far wide as from Hong Kong.

That was the case this week as the pupils were treated to 2 days of royalty meals courtesy of a donation from Shirley Starsss, who lives in Hong Kong. On Thursday they were given chicken, spinach and a local favorite meal of Ugali. (Kenya’s staple food made from maize) plus an orange each. This was followed on Friday with another special local meal of spiced rice and meat. (Pilau).

All this was well received by our pupils who were excited to have chicken and meat – this was a real treat for them. The Children rarely get the chance to eat healthy balanced diets in their own homes as most families can barely afford to do so here in Mtongwe.