Girls football team

First term ball games – 28 February 2014

The first term ball games for the schools in Mtongwe region got underway on 28th of February 2014 at Longo Primary School sports ground. Destiny Garden School participated in both boys and girls football and volleyball matches where they gave a very good account of themselves.
Both the boys and girls teams drew their Football matches 1-1 and 0-0 respectfully against Donalinda primary school while the Volleyball teams brought more joy to the school as the boys beat the Donalinda primary school team (22-25) (25-12) and also beat Longo primary (10-15) (15-8).
The Girls also put in a stellar performance as they beat St Patrick primary school (15-10) (15-14) and also beat Donalinda primary school (10-15) (15-13).
The volleyball team performances were even more surprising as the school had never competed in the sport before.