End of Year Celebrations

DGS has had excellent exam results from their Year 8 students.   The Final Primary Examinations for Grade 8 were conducted in early November.  In Year 8 students take the KCPE (Kenya Certificate for Primary Education), which marks the end of their stay at DGS.  They now continue on to High School, in the following January.   (Other classes also sat internal Examinations in the months of September and October.)


This year’s final class made the entire DGS family proud by topping the results tables in our local area. The school’s average mark is now the highest since the inception of DGS.  Our top Seven Students in the just re-leased KCPE Class 8 Exam Results all achieved excellent grades.

Some students who struggle financially to stay on at high school are sponsored by a local Mombasa company.

The staff and students celebrated the end of another year with song and dance as school closed for the Long Break in December 2017.  A delicious meal of “Pilau” (Spiced Rice with Beef) was served on this special day.