Classroom and School Improvements in 2017

DGS now has a dazzling new look!

Improvements to the school furniture and classrooms and the buildings continue to make life more comfortable for the students and staff so that learning and teaching can take place successfully.

New desks were made by a local carpenter and delivered to the school thanks to generous donations from sponsors David Amarasekera and Ashley. This helped ease crowding in the classrooms;  many students are now sitting only in pairs, although we still have most students sitting in threes.  By the end of the term four classes had been  furnished with new desks.

A local Mombasa company has been doing substantial work on the school buildings.  The Staffroom went through a makeover. It now has fresh paint and is completely tiled.  An additional six classes have now been fully tiled, and all classes repainted.   Come January 2018, the new developments will truly amaze those who were unaware of the changes!