New developments in DGS

A Perimeter Wall At Last!

Thanks to the generous support of our DCC, sponsors, and supporters our school now has a perimeter wall. Most certainly, this will secure the environment for the safety of our learners. Learning in a safe and secure place will assist the realization of their potential and dignity. Here are a few photos of the wall.


Softboards for every class

Similarly, as we took care of the external image of DGS, the internal aspects, namely, classrooms were not forgotten. Every class now has soft boards to enhance learning. This would not have been possible without the generosity and thoughtfulness of our DCC, sponsors, and supporters.

A Dust Free School

Our desire and small efforts to make DGS dust free by spreading murram around the compound bore much more fruit in February 2021. Clearly, our resources were not enough to cover the whole school compound. However, the good news is that in the same month the widower of one of our late sponsors , visited us to find out what the school is all about. It was a timely and an impactful visit especially at a time when there were increasing travel restrictions.  Together with his team they met the school Director Mr. Jacob and consequently, this culminated in their commitment to improve on and complete the spreading of murram around the whole school with several chips small size nice shaped stones for landscaping the school compound!!

In addition to that , all school classrooms, kitchen, library, staffroom, washrooms received a fresh coat of paint adding to the new look of the school. The environment at the school is now very refreshing and more child and staff friendly.




DGS In Pursuit of Excellence

In the month of August, we were privileged to receive visits from quality assurance education officers from the ministry and county office.  The county ECD office also paid us a visit. Indeed at DGS, we are moving forward in the right direction towards excellence. Furthermore, our teachers are very qualified and  CBC compliant. We are all committed to offering the best to our pupils. The journey of thousand miles begins with one step. We appreciate our sponsors, stakeholders, staff, and management of DGS for the progress made so far.


DGS directors with County ECD officers

With Likoni county quality assurance officer

County ECD officers


classroom assessment

DGS Staff listening to the visiting quality assurance officers


Tribute to Alan Brereton

Thank You, Alan Brereton

It is with great sadness that we the Directors, Management, Staff, and pupils of Destiny Garden School learned of the passing away of Alan Brereton in early January 2021.

Alan joined our sponsorship program in November 2014. He was consistent in supporting our school. He desired to talk to his grandchildren so they would get to learn about what he was doing, and why. We shall dearly remember Alan for his consistency in supporting education in Destiny Garden School. His commitment to helping others who are less fortunate has left a wonderful legacy. We are saddened to have lost such a loyal and committed friend. Fare thee well Alan.

2021 Academic year finally kick-starts end of July

DGS finally started the 2021 academic year in end of July. This is after most of the year was spent on completing the 2020 curriculum after the covid-19 global pandemic. The students worked tirelessly and now look forward to a new year.

DGS children return to school – 4th January 2021

After a long 10 months of lockdowns and curfews due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Destiny Garden School was able to welcome all  their students back on 4th January.   The school was made fully Covid-Safe for the children’s return thanks to generous donations from our supporters and two grants.