End of Year Celebrations – 5th December 2014.

The annual Kindergarten graduation and the closing day celebrations this year were a huge success thanks to all our supporters. All 29 Kindergarten 3 pupils passed their exams to graduate to Primary School, class 1, and received their certificates. The top performers in each class were awarded with a prize. All the children were excited to receive a special gift bag as an early Christmas present. The parents and guardians together with the children were given a special lunch to celebrate the end of a successful year at Destiny Garden School.

Please see this link for the full report and more photos: DGS End of year Celebrations 2014 (pdf)

Teacher training – 18 November 2014

Destiny Garden School teachers held a 2 day teacher training exercise conducted by Ms. Rose Owuor from the Center for bridging teachers education (CFBT ). The aim of the teacher training exercise was to teach the teachers the professional ethics of a teacher, classroom management, roles of a teacher amongst other values they need to have in a teaching environment. The training was made possible following donations to Destiny Charity from well-wishers.

Toy Joy for DGS children – 18 November 2014

Mrs D Vaughan and Daventry, who are friends of Destiny Charity, have donated assorted toys to be used in the school. We are very grateful for the act of kindness that they have shown.

Laptop donation for DGS – 11 November 2014

Destiny Garden school were the proud recipients of a Toshiba laptop from child sponsor – Mr Martin. The laptop is an invaluable asset for the school as it not only helps in the day to day administration but also in communicating with sponsors and well wishers which is crucial for the schools existence.

BFSS Kindergarten classroom project completed – 17 October 2014

The old Kindergarten block has been completed much to the delight of the teachers and children of the baby and KG classes. The four classrooms were converted to two and are now much more spacious, providing a good environment for our youngest pupils to learn in. The repainted classes look very eye catching and have given the old block a new lease of life. Please see the entry on 15th September for an outline of the full project; our thanks go to the BFSS, the British and Foreign School Society, for the generous grant that enabled us to have new Kindergarten classes.

For a picture progress report of the project please see this link: BFSS Kindergarten classroom project

Jacob’s Birthday – 29 September 2014

Destiny Garden School founder, Mr Jacob Boaz Muoga celebrated his 44th birthday at the school on the 29th of September 2014. True to his selfless nature, Mr Jacob decided that his birthday was best celebrated with the children at the school. The event began at lunchtime where all the staff gathered in the staff room to wish the director a happy birthday only to discover that the Kindergarten 2 class teacher, Madam Veronica was also celebrating her birthday on the same day.
The teachers wished them both a happy birthday and the director thanked them for being there for him on this special day. It was the first time he had ever celebrated his birthday on such a scale. All the teachers were then given pieces of cake while the rest of the school were given biscuits, except for class 7 and 8 who had something special planned.
The special plan involved the Director going into their classrooms and sharing his cake with them, where he was ably assisted by his wife and co-director Mrs Brenda Jacob and also Madam Veronica. Whilst in the classroom he was given a surprise birthday gift from class 7 pupils who had made a piece of art specially for him;”DGS” written with bottle tops.He thanked them profusely and also gave them words of wisdom afterwards.

Special lunch to celebrate the opening of the Kindergarten Classes – 19 September 2014

Sponsors, Steve and Heather, sent funds for a special lunch to enable Destiny Garden School to celebrate the opening of the new Kindergarten Classes. The lunch time meal consisted of Rice, meat and farm fresh aubergines from our DGS’s very own farm.
They also included enough to purchase a cake for one of their sponsored children, Belinda from Class 3, to celebrate her 10th birthday. She was very delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate this day with her classmates and in the school’s tradition she shared her cake not only with her classmates, but also with the school staff.
We wish her good health and may she live to blow 1000 candles!

New Kindergarten Block – 15 September 2014

Destiny Garden School completed another milestone this month after the construction of a new Kindergarten block. The project, which began in early July and went on throughout the school holidays, was only made possible after a generous grant from the BFSS, the British and Foreign School Society.
The school, and everyone related to the school, is very grateful to the BFSS in enabling us to provide better facilities for our Kindergarten children. The new classrooms are a lot more spacious than the previous ones making it easier for the teachers to maneuver in and the children to play in. They are also more hygienic and fit for purpose; that was a major concern for us and the local health department.
The old kindergarten block has now been converted from four to two classrooms and the floor has been fully tiled, to everyone’s delight. The walls just need to be painted to complete the project.

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) Donation to DGS – 12 September 2014

On Friday 12th 2014 Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) a non-profit organisation whose aim is to help improve the quality of life of poor and marginalized people by promoting health care, values and economic status of communities in Kenya paid a visit to DGS with the aim of distributing a few items for the pupils.

They brought along with them gift hampers that had soaps, towels, writing pens, Vaseline and exercise books (Back to school kit) for a few pre-selected needy pupils. They also donated 7 pairs of shoes and 5 school bags for needy pupils and also sanitary towels for the girls in school.

Class 8 preparing for national exams – 28 August 2014

The year 8 students take the KCPE Certificate (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) in November and will be the first set of children to graduate from Destiny Garden School, hopefully to go on to High School.
They have been working hard to get good grades; during the August holidays they have been reporting to school from Monday to Friday every week to further their studies. The pupils will be doing their final national exams on 3rd November 2014 , so every minute is precious for them. Last term the pupils also stayed behind to take evening classes,using solar lamps to study as many of them face a difficult time studying at home due to lack of electricity, domestic work and other factors which are detrimental to their studies.
Our only hope is that they will do well and secure funding or scholarships to further their education in High school, which is expensive in Kenya and beyond what their parents/guardians can afford.

Bountiful Harvest – 20 August 2014

DGS’s small holding farm is helping to feed the children – a fantastic crop of brinjals, called aubergines in the UK, with enough left over to sell to the Royal Castle Hotel in central Mombasa!

Teachers’ farewell party – 8 August 2014

DGS held a small farewell party for 2 of its teaching staff, Mr Moses and Madam Mitzy, who have served the school for several years and are now moving on to pastures new. Biriani, a special rice delicacy was prepared for the staff who we then wished all the best in their future endeavors as they will be missed by both pupils and staff.

Closing day ceremony – 8 August 2014

On the 8th of August DGS held its usual end of term prize giving ceremony. The event started with prayers before all the parents and guardians were addressed and encouraged to participate more on their children’s education. The top 3 pupils from each class were each rewarded with prizes of stationary as well as the most academically improved pupils recommended by their teachers.

Eid ul-Fitr Celebrations – 29 July 2014

On the 29th July 2014 DGS was in a celebratory mood as we joined Muslims around the world observing the Eid Ul-Fitr holiday. The religious holiday celebrates the end of 30 days of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. DGS has a significant number of pupils who are Muslims and thus when a generous benefactor with an organisation in Mombasa county decided to sponsor this day’s celebrations, we were more than delighted to welcome them on board.
The benefactor sent over 5 of her staff, as well as a chef and the driver, to not only send messages of goodwill but also to interact and enjoy the day with the children which they did effortlessly. The children were served a delicious pilau (rice made with spices and meat), juice and a banana each for lunch before being given encouraging messages from the benefactor’s staff who also helped to distribute the remaining biscuits and sweets to all the children in the school.
This was a indeed an Eid Mubarak (Blessed Eid) for the pupils and staff of DGS.

Tsavo National Park – 15 July 2014

Destiny Garden School made its first ever visit to one of the oldest and largest national parks in Kenya – Tsavo East National Park on May the 15th 2014. The 2 day trip was sponsored by Castle Royal Hotel in central Mombasa. For the majority of the children this was the first time they had been on safari, and most have not seen the animals Africa is so famous for.
To read more about the safari click this link TSAVO NATIONAL PARK

Certified: First Aid Trainees – 11 July 2014

Four DGS teaching staff were this month certified as Red cross approved First Aid providers. This was after they undertook training during the April holidays and can now administer First Aid to the school children in case there is an emergency. The teachers are namely Madam Consolata Kamegele, Mr Dickson Muga, Madam Naomi Moraa and Madam Sabrina Namwenge.
The training was funded by the Destiny Children Charity and volunteer Madam Janette.

Rotary Breakfast Club of Manchester Donation – 9 July 2014

The Rotary Breakfast Club of Manchester, England surprised DGS by donating £50 towards the school to any project we saw fit. The funds were then used this month to purchase much needed stationery like Manilla papers, Crayons, writing pens, masking tape, Glue, textbooks, dustless chalk and other things. We are very grateful for their generosity.

Turning the Tables: Destiny’s new dining set – 4 July 2014

On the 4th of July 2014, Destiny Garden School received a donation of 4 tables and 8 seating benches to be used during meals courtesy of a generous donor. Before this donation the pupils used to eat in corridors, classrooms, outside and even under trees, which is not recommended because of snakes.
The tables and benches provide a suitable environment for the DGS pupils to have lunch which for some of them is the only proper meal they have in a day. This will also greatly improve moral and team building by having all the children eating in one hygienic place while learning table manners.

New Baby class desks and chairs – 22 June2014

Baby class pupils were this month the joyful recipients of brand new wooden chairs and tables courtesy of a donation from the supporters of Destiny Children. The chairs and desks are a lot more durable and easy to maintain as opposed to the previous plastic ones which used to easily crack and break forcing the school to constantly replace them.

Mwinyis Birthday Celebrations -19 June 2014

Mwinyi Shaffi of class 3 will most probably always remember this day for a very long time to come. This is because the lunch the children had at the school that day was specially geared to celebrate his 11th birthday. This all started when the whole school was served with a special and healthy lunch of mutton, spinach and ugali .The pupils really enjoyed their meal as this is something they rarely have.
In the afternoon another surprise lay in wait for Mwinyi as he was presented with a birthday cake which had his name on it. He cut the cake with the help of the class teacher Madam Penina who then assisted him to distribute the cake to the rest of his classmates and school staff.
Our thanks go to Heather and Steve Arrowsmith, DGS sponsors from the UK, for their very generous donation that made all this possible;

Music Festivals – Road to the Nationals – 23 June 2014

On the 23rd of June 2014 DGS took part in the annual Likoni sub-county music festival which is a precursor to the National music festival. The school has been preparing for a long time for this event thanks to a grant from Martin Donaldson Music Trust (MDMT) which allowed us to employ a specialist part-time music teacher. We took part in 13 disciplines of which 7 were judged good enough to proceed to the next heats.
These items were; African traditional dance, Public Speaking (Kevin Omondi and Kevin Otieno – both class 8), Lower primary choral verse (2 groups) and Poems (Faith Wekesa and Charity Nyangai).

District Athletic Games – 27 May 2014

DGS took part in the recently concluded athletics meet at Longo primary school. The aim of the event was to choose the best pupils from schools in Mtongwe to compete against the very best from the Neighboring Likoni district (Zonal) who then proceed to compete against the very best from Mombasa county and eventually the Country. DGS pupils excelled in several disciplines such as Long jump, triple jump, High jump,discus, 800M, 1,500M and 400M x 1.
7 children namely John Matano, Christine Omwancha, Fatma Salim, Pricilla Nekesa, Kelvin Otieno, Kelvin Omondi and George Otieno were selected for the Zonal heats

Cake delight – 20 May 2014

Class 7 pupils at DGS had an experience to remember on the 20th of May when they baked a cake using a charcoal fire. This was necessary as the school doesn’t have any ovens. The process involved putting sand in a large cooking pot placed on a hot charcoal stove. The large pot will then have another pot with the cake dough inserted in it on top of the sand. The two pots will then be covered with a lid and charcoal placed on top of the big pots lid.
This was a new experience for the children as they were led by their English Teacher, Madam Beatrice with some help from the rest of the staff. The cake took 2 hours to bake and was well received by the pupils who worked hard to prepare it.

New Baby Class – 5 May 2014

DGS enrolled its new batch of pupils this month following a recruitment program during the April holidays. The children are between the ages of 3 and 4 years and live mainly within the environs of Mtongwe. They were selected based on their background as it’s the schools aim to provide quality and free education for the disadvantaged children in this region.

Kuwait 4 Kenya Final day – 29 January 2014

After having a rather evetuful 10 days at DGS, today was the final day for out volunteers from Kuwait. To find out more about what they have been up to during their stay here please click the link below for the PDF file.
Kuwait for Kenya

St Martin’s Episcopal School gift to DGS – 20 February 2014

DGS’s plans for sustainable farming as a means to help fund the schools day to day activities were given a much needed boost following a donation of 5,200 dollars from St Martin’s Episcopal School. This funds drive was led by Chloe George a student at the same school who had previously been to the school and was touched by the plight of the pupils.
St Martin’s is a faith based school in Louisiana, U.S.A whose mission is to prepare students to thrive in college and life through faith, scholarship and service.
The funds will be used to prepare the farmland which was purchased by Destiny Charity and also buy goats, rabbits and vegetables for planting.

Staffroom shelves – 12 March 2014

The teaching staff at DGS got a pleasant surprise when they came back from their Midterm holiday only to find the staffroom changed forever due to the newly installed bookshelves. The bookshelves have been a welcome sight to the staffroom as the teachers did not have a proper place to place school books which made the room look untidy and unspacious. Fortunately that is no longer the case thanks to the donation by the volunteer – Madam Janette.

First term ball games – 28 February 2014

The first term ball games for the schools in Mtongwe region got underway on 28th of February 2014 at Longo Primary School sports ground. Destiny Garden School participated in both boys and girls football and volleyball matches where they gave a very good account of themselves.
Both the boys and girls teams drew their Football matches 1-1 and 0-0 respectfully against Donalinda primary school while the Volleyball teams brought more joy to the school as the boys beat the Donalinda primary school team (22-25) (25-12) and also beat Longo primary (10-15) (15-8).
The Girls also put in a stellar performance as they beat St Patrick primary school (15-10) (15-14) and also beat Donalinda primary school (10-15) (15-13).
The volleyball team performances were even more surprising as the school had never competed in the sport before.

New school prefects – 05 February 2014

Destiny Garden School on 5th February 2014 unveiled 4 new Head prefects to replace the outgoing head boy – Alphonse Ochieng and head girl- Jeniffer Anyango who both are in Class 8. The New Head boy is Richard Juma from Class 7 while the Assistant head boy is Abel Ngaluko of Class 5. The new head is now Esther Njeri of Class 6 and will be deputized by Cynthia Awuor of Class 5.
The new prefects where selected after vigorous vetting by the teachers and the director Mr Jacob Boaz. The process included face to face interviews and written tests to judge the capability and vision of the pupils.

Huge boost for Destiny’s free lunch programme – May 2014

5th February 2014 will forever be held in the memory of most people who hold Destiny Garden School close to their hearts as we received a truly rare gesture of Kindness. Mr.Dinesh Raj, a commercial Indian farmer whose farm is located in Mtongwe, will be offering the school 20 batches of African spinach twice every week for as long as we need it. The school is very grateful for this act of generosity, and this will go a long way in helping the school’s feeding programme.

Kindergarten Toilets Rehabilitation – 11 April 2014

Following a donation by Steven and Heather Arrowsmiths in March, the Kindergarten toilets got a much needed facelift much to the delight of the pupils, staff and parents. The toilets now are fully tiled and also more importantly have a constant water supply with the water tank outside the kindergarten.

Steven and Heather Arrowsmith School visit – 12 March 2014

Keen sponsors of DGS, Steven and Heather Arrowsmith,from Blackpool, England were our proud guests on the 12th March. This was their first visit to the school and we were more than happy to show them the developments that have taken place in the school since its inception.

They were taken around the school by Jacob the school director and also the head teacher. They then met the staff, had a brief chat with class 7 pupils regarding the careers they have at Blackpool and encouraged the pupils to aim high in their career choices.

The Arrowsmiths had also carried with them wall charts, pencils, crayons, a football, pocket notebooks, Blackpool postcards and lollipops. The lollipops were distributed to all pupils at the school. At Lunch time, Steve and Heather ate Kenya’s staple food Ugali and with some beans which they said was lovely. They later in the afternoon had to unfortunately bid us Farewell. We were delighted to host them at our school.

District Mock Examinations – 1 April 2014

Pupils in Classes 6, 7 and 8 took part for the first time in the bi-annual district mock examinations. The examinations are meant to gauge the ability of the pupils within the district of Likoni as well as giving the pupils in class 8 more practice in readiness for the end of year national examinations to be done in November. The rest of the school undertook their private school examinations.

New school flag – 2 April 2014

Destiny Garden School received its first ever national flag in April after a donation by the Destiny Children Charity. The flag will be hoisted every week by the schools newly formed scouts club. This will prove to be very usual for the pupils learning  about their country as well as increasing their sense of patriotism.

Music at DGS – March 2014

Thanks to a generous grant from the Martyn Donaldson Music Trust, MDMT,  Destiny Garden School has been able to employ an enthusiastic part time music teacher, Mr Penny Suleiman, for the last 10 months. All the children have benefited and the school is hoping to enter several groups into the Kenyan Music Festival, which starts in June. Funding is being sought to make this possible.

DGS’s New Enterprise – Rabbit Farming – 7 March 2014

Thanks to a generous donation from Saint Martin’s Episcopal school, Destiny Garden School has started a rabbit farm as part of their proposed farming project. They now have 9 rabbits housed in a purpose built rabbit hatch. Watch this space for further developments on the project

Kuwait 4 Kenya Volunteers – 20 January 2014

Exciting times at Destiny Garden School as they play host to 10 volunteers from Kuwait for 10 school days. The volunteers are here to help the school’s development and hope to have a lasting impression on the children through the educational programs they intend to run.

The volunteers found their way to Kenya after they signed up at LOYAC. LOYAC (www.loyac.org) a volunteer  organization from Kuwait which then established the K4K Project in 2006 with an  aim to help Kenyans help themselves with a focus on women and youth. K4K
(Kuwait for Kenya) works closely with disadvantaged communities to establish  sustainable projects that contribute to alleviate poverty and give the people  access to basic life and health services. K4K partners with Foundation for  Sustainable Development (FSD) to facilitate the trips and supervise the projects

A Laptop for Destiny Garden School – 15 January 2014

There was great excitement amongst the children when a laptop arrived at Destiny Garden School; they vary rarely get to see a computer or laptop. DGS gratefully received the laptop which was donated by a UK company and transported to Mombasa by volunteer Janette. This second-hand laptop has an excellent specification and will be of great help to the DGS manager, Victor, whose last one ceased up.