Special Celebration – 25th July 2015

In July the whole school were treated to a special lunch of rice, meat and vegetables; the children always look forward to meat as it is costly and rarely prepared at the school. This was to celebrate Mwinyi Shaffi’s birthday. His sponsor, the Arrowsmiths, funded this and also bought a birthday cake for Mwinyi and all his classmates in class 4. Mwinyi is now 12 years and may he live to grow to blow out many more candles!

The interesting story here was that this birthday treat was held during the holy month of Ramadhan where Muslims fast from dawn and dusk. So Mwinyi Shaffi and his Muslim classmates did not eat the cake at the school but had to carry the cake home to eat in the evening. Destiny Garden School teach children of all religions and approximately 50% are Muslims, which also reflects the population in Mombasa.